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So I laid low over the holidays barely even taking a peek at Twitter and Facebook, but one of the first items of interest I spot upon logging back into Twitter on January 2nd was a tweet from my friend Karen Locker about favoriting a YouTube video for something called eCom Connections. Upon playing the video I was delighted to discover that Karen and Kat Simpson, another social media buddy of mine, are going to be co-hosting a brand new ecommerce podcast!

Here’s the skinny, straight from the eCom Connections press release:

eCom Connections: New Podcast Creates Connections for eCommerce Success

Debuting Monday, January 10, 2011, at 12:00 noon Central Standard Time, the eCom Connections podcast will bring together ecommerce experts to assist listeners in achieving ecommerce success.

Kat Simpson and Karen Locker will host this weekly podcast, which will feature leading authorities in the many areas relating to ecommerce for the edification of listeners. From bookkeeping to taxes, social media to marketing, eCom Connections will cover it all.

ECom Connections will be a general ecommerce podcast benefiting both the budding entrepreneur and the seasoned online seller. It will keep sellers up to date on the ever-changing landscape of ecommerce, such as what venue to try next or how best to use social media to market an ecommerce business. ECom Connections will connect ecommerce sellers with the knowledge and experience of experts in their fields to help listeners make sound business decisions.

Guests for the month of January include Cliff Ennico (small-business lawyer and bestselling author of The eBay Seller’s Tax and Legal Answer Book); Marsha Collier (technology whiz and bestselling author of the eBay for Dummies series); Cathi Aiello of Allegro Accounting; and Randy Smythe of The podcast is scheduled to run from 12:00pm to 1pm CST every Monday.

Co-hosts Kat Simpson and Karen Locker can be found on twitter as @theKATsimpson and @karenlocker. ECom Connections is on Facebook @ The eCom Connections blog is located at For a direct link to the podcast on Talkshoe, go to

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Cliff Aliperti has been involved with collectibles his entire life and has been a dealer since his early teens. Cliff has been an online retailer of vintage goods since 2000 and full-time since 2004. He currently sells on eBay and through his own site at Immortal Ephemera.
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